Give Like a Millionaire

Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal published an article about how today’s donors are looking for more control over the money they give.  It perceptively notes that while we’re not all millionaires looking for total control... Read More

ServiceNation Needs You!

Since our founding, Commongood Careers has stood behind the idea that citizen service can unite Americans, help address some of our greatest societal challenges, and strengthen our communities and our democracy.

We recently blogged... Read More

Be The Change Builds Up Support

Service Nation , an effort headed by Be The Change Inc. , is building strong foundations. 

Habitat for Humanity just joined the movement, whose goal is to engage 1 million Americans in a year of full time national service by 2020... Read More

Getting In on the Ground Floor of Venture Philanthropy

Venture philanthropy is getting quite the buzz, from MBA campuses to nonprofit conferences. This model of taking a business-minded investment approach to funding new organizations offers a viable alternative to traditional grantmaking,... Read More

Boomers, Experienced Workers and the Move into Nonprofits: Tell us your stories!

The Conference Board, an independent business research and membership group, is reaching out to learn more about the challenges and successes of boomers and experienced workers, age 50 and over, who have moved, or want to move, from... Read More

The Voice of Nonprofit Talent in 2008

What drives today’s nonprofit talent? What can nonprofit employers do to better meet the needs of a changing talent pool? To answer these questions, we developed and distributed a 25-question survey to the 15,000 members of our candidate... Read More

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