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Down economy creates opportunities for talent

It’s hard to open a newspaper these days without reading about layoffs, hiring freezes, and other HR-related challenges in practically all industries. The nonprofit sector has been no exception, and many organizations have been hit hard... Read More

Look who’s hiring now!

We’d like to welcome our newest search clients to the Commongood community. These organizations are doing truly amazing work in the communities they serve, and are currently in need of top talent to join their teams.

BUILD is changing... Read More

How is the Economy Affecting Your Job Prospects?

Earlier this week, the Chronicle of Philanthropy hosted an online discussion about how the current financial downturn is affecting the job prospects of nonprofit professionals.

The discussion explored if the financial crisis is causing... Read More

How Will Obama Deliver on Social Entrepreneurism Promises?

During his campaign, Barack Obama spoke at length about his commitment to accelerating social entrepreneurship in this country, including making sure the neccessary funds were available for new social ventures. A recent article in the San... Read More

In Today’s Financial Climate, Investors are Drawn to Social Entrepreneurism

Some recent news items suggest that social entrepreneurs may be somewhat insulated from the current financial crisis.

In the news story, Investors Focusing on Social Enterprises, San Francisco Bay Area television station KGO reports... Read More

Net Impact Survey: MBAs Working in the Social Sector

Net Impact, an international community of new leaders who use business to improve the world, is currently conducting a survey to inform a report on MBAs working in the social sector. Participate in the survey

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