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Views from the Field: Decision Making at Nonprofits

By Steve Scheier, Empowering Work Practices
Produced in partnership with Commongood Careers

Nonprofit organizations benefit from a cadre of hard-working, dedicated professionals. However, despite the talent and experience in this mission-driven sector, many nonprofit organizations are not as efficient or effective as they could be. What is it that holds many organizations back from reaching their full potential and making the impact they wish to achieve?

This past summer, Commongood Careers and Empowering Work Practices conducted a survey to ask the staff members of nonprofit organizations these very questions.  The survey, administered in July and August of 2010, was promoted through the Commongood Careers website and email newsletters. Survey participants answered between 16 and 19 questions about career planning and decision-making in nonprofit organizations.

We heard one message loud and clear: nonprofit organizations have much to learn when it comes to instituting effective decision making and career planning practices.

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