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Debunking Myths of Nonprofit Jobs

Think nonprofits are about low pay and inexperienced staff? Think again…

Myth #1: “I can’t afford to work at a nonprofit because their salaries are not competitive.”

The reality is positions in finance, operations, and management generally pay $50-75k for mid-to-senior roles, and $75-150k for executive roles.

Myth #2: “Working at a nonprofit will not challenge me as much as a corporate job.”

Many nonprofits are highly entrepreneurial and growth oriented. Their business challenges are very similar to those of comparable corporations.

Myth #3: “There aren’t really nonprofit jobs for people with business skills or advanced degrees.”

Depending on the organization, most mid-to-senior level staff possesses advanced degrees and extensive business experience, especially in finance, operations, and general management.

Myth #4: “Nonprofits are disorganized and skimp on operational infrastructure.”

Successful nonprofits view business infrastructure needs, such as technology and management systems, as critical investments.

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