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Our Story

Founded by a group of nonprofit professionals to provide high-impact recruitment to high-impact organizations

Commongood Careers is a mission-driven search firm that is committed to social impact. Our purpose is to support the hiring needs of organizations that are dedicated to tackling today’s most pressing social problems. Because of our clients’ ambitious goals, we work hard to ensure that they are able to secure the talent they need to create even greater social impact.

We “get” nonprofits, because we are nonprofit people at heart. Prior to joining Commongood Careers, our team held leadership and talent-related roles at organizations such as Breakthrough Collaborative, Citizen Schools, City Year, Jumpstart, KIPP, TechSoup Global, and Teach For China. Members of our staff currently serve on a variety of nonprofit Boards and affinity groups, as well as participate in frequent speaking engagements at universities, foundations, and sector events.

To best serve organizations that lacked access to top talent and search expertise, Commongood Careers was the first nonprofit search firm to support hiring needs at every stage of organizational growth – in all functional areas and at all levels of seniority. Since our founding in 2005, we have successfully managed more than 700 searches with 275 organizations in 33 states, making us one of the most experienced nonprofit search firms in the country.

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary in 2015, our commitment to social impact and effective search services remains. Today, we are a team of recruitment and search management experts who embrace a results-oriented search model and demonstrate a passionate drive to help our clients grow and succeed. 

Our Mission

The mission of Commongood Careers is to provide nonprofits with innovative recruitment solutions that result in faster and better hires.

Our Vision

One day, all nonprofits will be able to effectively secure the talent they need to maximize their potential for social impact.

Our Values

In order to support our mission and vision, Commongood Careers values:

  • Purpose:  We are mission-driven and work intentionally to maximize the impact of the nonprofit sector.
  • Innovation:  We continually develop and experiment with new ideas and solutions in order to ensure the greatest impact possible for our clients.
  • Diversity:  We recognize and embrace individual backgrounds and perspectives because we believe that diversity makes our team – and the sector -- stronger and more effective.
  • Accountability:  We take responsibility for our successes and mistakes, holding ourselves and our colleagues to the highest standards possible.
  • Respect:  We treat others with consideration, valuing each person’s time, contribution and potential.
  • Fun:  We foster an environment that is infused with creativity, energy, and humor because we believe that leads to high productivity and the retention of valued staff members and clients.