Available Positions

Are you passionate about organizations that are changing the world? Do you want to help nonprofits secure the talent they need to create greater social impact? Commongood Careers is a mission-driven search firm that supports the recruitment and hiring needs of high-impact nonprofits. We also work closely with talented, experienced, and dynamic individuals from all backgrounds to help them find their ideal jobs in the nonprofit sector.

Our Culture

Commongood Careers has an entrepreneurial culture and a collaborative work environment in which new ideas, innovation and initiative are all highly valued.  Because of the urgent and important work of our clients, everyone at Commongood Careers embraces a moral imperative to work as hard and as fast as possible to meet their needs while providing them with unwavering service excellence.  At the same time, we value work-life balance and our flexible, family-friendly employment policies lead many of our staff to view our team as an extension of their own network of family and friends.

Our Values

Commongood Careers is built on a unique set of values:

  • Purpose:  We are mission-driven and work intentionally to maximize the impact of the nonprofit sector.
  • Innovation:  We continually develop and experiment with new ideas and solutions in order to ensure the greatest impact possible for our clients.
  • Diversity:  We recognize and embrace individual backgrounds and perspectives because we believe that diversity makes our team – and the sector -- stronger and more effective.
  • Accountability:  We take responsibility for our successes and mistakes, holding ourselves and our colleagues to the highest standards possible.
  • Respect:  We treat others with consideration, valuing each person’s time, contribution and potential.
  • Fun:  We foster an environment that is infused with creativity, energy, and humor because we believe that leads to high productivity and the retention of valued staff members and clients.

Our Open Positions

We are currently hiring for an Associate Search Consultant and a Recruitment Manager.