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Commongood Careers has an entrepreneurial culture and a collaborative work environment in which new ideas, innovation and initiative are all highly valued. 








  • Our team is made up of high-performing and experienced nonprofit professionals with diverse backgrounds across a wide range of functions and mission areas.
  • We bring an unwavering passion to our day-to-day work and are energized by the opportunity to increase our clients’ impact on the nonprofit sector as well as our own personal impact within this space.
  • Bringing our authentic selves to work every day, we infuse fun, energy and collaboration into everything that we do.


  • Commongood Careers has an entrepreneurial culture and a collaborative work environment in which new ideas, innovation and initiative are all highly valued. 
  • Our team is constantly learning, both individually and as an organization, and truly value hearing our team member’s unique perspectives, insights, and opinions.
  • We share a commitment to Commongood Careers as an organization and seek out opportunities, beyond our individual roles, which will make Commongood Careers better.
  • As an organization, we are dedicated to working relentlessly in order to meet the needs of the clients and candidates with whom we work, but we also value and encourage a positive work-life balance.
  • We celebrate each other, both in and out of the workplace, and many of our staff view our team as an extension of their own network of family and friends.

CGC’s Approach:

  • We are committed to supporting high-impact organizations in the nonprofit sector by providing the highest quality service possible at an accessible fee.  Our results are demonstrated here.

  • We are a true partner to our clients.  Our model is based on client needs and is flexible to meet those needs.
  • We value the experience of the candidates with whom we work and act as a trusted partner to them in their career journey.
  • With an active Diversity Committee working to develop resources, increase the diversity of our team, create and support inclusive work practices, and provide support to our clients and the sector, we have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion and value continuous learning and growth in this arena. Read our Diversity Commitment here.
  • Our exposure to many amazing organizations across the sector provides ongoing learning for our employees and insight that provides value to our clients and candidates.  
  • Our team-based approach to staffing our work maximizes our effectiveness and employee engagement and we intentionally incentivize teamwork and shared results.
  • We value data and strive to collect, analyze, and utilize data to drive decisions internally and on behalf of our clients.

Growth and Leadership Opportunities:

  • Commongood Careers highly values continuous growth and learning and actively provides opportunities and resources for all team members to take on new challenges and opportunities in their individual roles and across the organization.
  • We value innovation and encourage all team members to always be thinking about how we can be doing our work better. 
  • We encourage a strong partnership between managers and team members that ensures high performance and continuous professional and personal growth.